Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mom's first blog

Ok today is June 5,2012 and my daughter just set me up this blog page.  I dont realy knoe what I am doing so you will have to have patience wit me. I learned how to text by mistake I was playing with my phine. My daughter came runnng out the stores they were in at the Mall . They thought someone had stolen my phone or kidnapped me. lol Ash is going to freak out because even though I know best  i am technology illerate. I have have things written down from.lol I have two sweet beautiful daughters a terrific son in law and very sweet, understanding,patient husband that I have been married to for over 33 years.Oh I also have two male labs one brown and one black . I have a grand dog name Teria Dawn..I dont really know what you are suppose to write on a blog. Ash and Cyndi will have to teach me how to use it. You may think this is lame. I will do better next time.