Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mom's first blog

Ok today is June 5,2012 and my daughter just set me up this blog page.  I dont realy knoe what I am doing so you will have to have patience wit me. I learned how to text by mistake I was playing with my phine. My daughter came runnng out the stores they were in at the Mall . They thought someone had stolen my phone or kidnapped me. lol Ash is going to freak out because even though I know best  i am technology illerate. I have have things written down from.lol I have two sweet beautiful daughters a terrific son in law and very sweet, understanding,patient husband that I have been married to for over 33 years.Oh I also have two male labs one brown and one black . I have a grand dog name Teria Dawn..I dont really know what you are suppose to write on a blog. Ash and Cyndi will have to teach me how to use it. You may think this is lame. I will do better next time.


  1. I love that you are blogging! Can't wait to show you more about what to do! I love you!!

  2. Love you too thanks for designing and setting up this "blog" thing. I am not real sure of what the heck I am suppose to do with it now that I have a blog.

  3. I am loving that you have entered the world of blogging. The design is really cute. Great job Ashley. Now, Debbie show me how to do some of those crafts we talked about. Start with an easy one. I am challenged in the craft department.


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